Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I Apologise for the lack of updates this month, work and family life have been quite hectic and coincided with me starting a part-time Masters degree in International Trade Law.

Anyway I've now settled into my new routine and am finding time to paint again.

I've just finished a Dumnonian unit and as ever all comments gratefully received:

In the books the Dumnonians are led by Mordred the King and the Numidian Sagramor. Both of these figures I intend to paint as character figures once the army is complete.

I planned to have two units of Dumnonians but the shields on these proved such a pain that I may drop that idea - time will tell.

That is now the four core infantry units completed for my army, I'll now be moving onto the skirmishers starting with the archers.

I'll be updating this blog once a week for the forseeable future (probably on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings) so please keep coming back.

Here are a few more pictures of the unit: