Sunday, 22 March 2015

Analogue Challenge Review

So the Analogue Challenge has come to an end and I must thank Curt for running an excellent challenge which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Sadly, I missed the last few days due to the death of our family dog.  I really didn’t feel like painting immediately after this and so didn’t finish my final entries before the deadline.  I’ll look to get these completed over the next week or so.

Looking back over the challenge, I’m quite pleased with what I achieved in a little over two months:

84 x 28mm Infantry
45 x 6mm artillery pieces plus 180 crew figures
40 x 6mm Dragoons

This totalled 695 points, so a fell short of my 1,000 point target.  However, this hasn’t detracted from my enjoyment of the challenge and I have learned a lot about painting to deadlines as well as getting a number of stalled projects back up and running again.  I certainly hope Curt runs the competition again later this year.

I’ll also use the points system from the Challenge to keep a track of what I manage to paint this year against any new figures that come in.  Hopefully, I can make a dent in the lead pile by the end of the year.

In the immediate term I’ll be focussing on a couple of main projects:

  • 6mm Napoleonics – I’d like to get the Russian and French forces completed for the battle of Montmirail.  After this I’ll move onto the Prussians.
  • 28mm Arthurians – I have a number of undercoated figures languishing in a box file which I’d like to get finished off.  The Arthurian army has waited too long for new additions.  I’m looking at different forms of basing for these figures as I want to play Saga and Impetus/Hail Caesar with the same figures.
  • Oldhammer – I’ll be finishing off the undead force I started in the challenge before moving  onto a few other figures that I want to get painted.

Apart from these, I’d also like to try and complete some of the various figures I have lying around in boxes that have been undercoated or part painted over the years and then forgotten about.

The one thing I’ve taken away from the Challenge is the discipline of getting a unit fully finished (including basing) before moving onto something else and this is something that I’m going to try and stick to for the remainder of this year.

So in coming weeks you should see two units of undead cavalry and 90 Russian Cossacks followed by a mixed bag of figures.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dog :(

    It's been great having you along Peter :)

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