Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Arthurians

Finally managed to find the camera and get some pictures of the latest figures to be painted. These still need the bases completing and I'll do this after I've completed the next unit of 10 Archers.

The first figures were painted to expand Tewdric's unit from 22 to 30 figures and also to make sure I can still match the colours of the original figures that were painted over two years ago. I'm pleased with the results.

I've also painted up 10 archers in the same colours so that they can either form a rear rank for a 40 man unit or deploy as a separate archer unit.

I'll try to take some better pictures once the next unit is completed and I've finished off the bases.

Next up will be a unit of 20 Tomb King skeletons for my son, I'll hopefully have the first batch of these completed next week.

In the meantime I'll also be reading the second book in Bernard Cornwell's King Alfred series.

The first one was very enjoyable and highly recommended for anyone into historical fiction.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Steady Progress

I've managed to complete eight additional figures for Tewdric's unit (Bulls Head shields) to take the unit total to thirty. This was really an experiment to make sure that I could still match the colours after nearly two and half years. The figures turned out well, so I've moved onto painting 10 archers in the same colours so that they can either form a back rank for a forty figure unit or a separate unit of missile troops.

I'll get some WIP pictures up at the weekend when I get the archers finished and find my camera.

I've also been reading this book over the past few nights and really enjoying it:

It's the first in a series of books which, through the eyes of a Danish raised Saxon name Uhtred, tells the story of King Alfred and his struggles against the Danes. Gripping stuff as ever from Bernard.