Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wolftail Warriors


Finally managed to take some photographs of the figures that I finished over the weekend. Although I only need 20figures for the Arthurian army, I plan to use these in the future in a Shieldwall Saxon army so have painted 28 figures.

All the figures are Gripping Beast and the standard is LBMS. The flowers and grass are Silflor from Antenocities Workshop - thoroughly recommend both.

Next unit will be based on the Dumnonian army from the Warlord Trilogy which had red dragon symbols on their shields.


  1. Simply beautiful! And so tempting.

    I have a question about the flowers... I've bought similar ones from Mininatura (which, as I have found out recently, seems to be connected to Silflor?), but they are so overloaded with the coloured bits... and the glue used to get those bits on the grass, still seems to be working. When you press them a bit, they stick together. Did you have the same problems, or did I get one from a bad batch? Any tips and tricks you might have used?



  2. Hi Dimitri

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Yes I did have similar problems and I'm still learning to use these plants. I found that gluing the flowers in place using tweezers to hold the stems, waiting for the glue to dry and then seperating the flower heads with tweezers seemed to work.

    I'll try and post some pictures to help explain this over the next couple of weeks.

    Let me know how you get on with them.