Friday, 20 September 2013

Trying to get going again....

After nearly eighteen months of disruption in my personal life (moving house, changing job, renovating house, etc.) I've finally managed to get my paints and figures out of the boxes they were packed into many months ago and onto the new shelves I now have in my study.  It's quite inspiring to see them all in one place and visible for the first time.

First off, A big thank you to Doc for the Liebster award which was a pleasant surprise alongside the kind words regarding my humble attempts at figure painting.  Good luck with your new site over at Wordpress, I hope to live up to the award over the coming months.

It seems that a lot has changed whilst I've been out of the wargaming/painting scene.  Warhammer Historical has disappeared and a number of new entrants have come into the market to sit alongside the established rule sets.  I now see myself moving towards Saga for skirmish level games and Dux Bellorum and Impetus for larger scale games, so some rebasing may be in order in the future.

Now that I have all my figures in one place, I have been able to sort through them and be quite ruthless about which ones I am never going to paint.  These will be making their way onto eBay over the coming months.  My intention now is to focus on a few periods that I have always been interested in until I reduce the unpainted figure mountain to a tiny molehill.

The periods I'll be focusing on are Dark Ages, Napoleonics and some fantasy figures that I've had for over twenty five years.  I'll be focusing this blog on Dark Ages and general musings on wargaming and painting.  Although I intend to post pictures of painted figures for Napoleonics and fantasy on here, the historical/background information for these periods will be put onto dedicated blogs as I find this easier to manage and is probably easier for others to read.

My main focus over the coming months will be Napoleonics (see my other blog at La Patrie en Danger for details)  although I will be mixing in Dark Age figures for SAGA and Dux Bellorum on a regular basis.

It actually feels quite good to be painting and blogging again after so much time away.  I'll get some pictures of painted figures loaded up soon.


  1. I look forward to seeing what you paint, I have missed your blogging-I also share your pain on moving house! Good to see you back.

  2. Welcome back to the little world, that lay off is nearly as long as I have been back in the hobby


  3. Welcome back! I understand about 28mm being a difficult scale to finish things and is why I recently added 10mm to my scales.