Sunday, 8 December 2013

Russian Infantry Completed

After a marathon painting session on Thursday night I've managed to finish painting the last few Russian infantry figures that I need for Montmirail.  I've just finished highlighting the flock and grass tufts and so I give you the 10th Infantry Division:

I didn't have quite enough infantry strips to complete the last base, so rather than buying another pack I used some of the skirmishing figures that I had spare and created a unit in firing line.  I've also started to add a couple of casualty figures to the bases, especially the firing line:

And finally a couple of shots of the two completed infantry Corps:

Next up will be the artillery batteries that complete these Corps, I'm going to be struggling for painting time over the next two weeks so may not get much more done before Christmas.  I'm hoping a I can squeeze out a couple of artillery batteries though.

Now that I've completed all the infantry I can really see the attraction of 6mm, the figures look really impressive en masse and it's only taken me two months to complete them.  I'm hoping to get the artillery, cavalry and command bases completed between Christmas and the Vapnartak show in York on the 2nd February. This seems achievable given how quickly I've painted up the infantry.

Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

I've listed out the paints I used on the infantry figures in case anyone is interested.

Vallejo Medium Flesh (860)
P3 Beast Hide followed by P3 Hammerfall Khaki for the greatcoats
Vallejo Deck Tan (986) for the white belts, straps, etc.
Black followed by a highlight of Vallejo Dark Grey (994) for the Kiwers, backpacks, etc.
Vallejo Bronze (998) for the Chinscales and sword handles.
Vallejo Flat Brown (984) for the Muskets.
Vallejo Model Air Gun followed by Vallejo Silver(997) for the musket barrels.
Vallejo Flat Red (957) for the red collars and cuffs
Vallejo Deep Green (970) for green collars and cuffs on the Jaegar.


  1. amazing detail & painting on such small guy's. I've tried out painting some baccus sudan british. they painted ok but i didn't really enjoy it.
    well done you though - really good.

  2. Very impressive and always satisfying to attain ones goals.


  3. These look great, and good to see them all finished. The mass effect is indeed very nice


  4. Superb effort, they look outstanding!