Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Another Brigade Completed

I've only managed to get one more base completed over the past week as work is creeping into my weekends at the moment.  Nevertheless, I've still managed to get another base completed and I've also finished painting the figures I need for two more.

I'll use this base to represent a single Brigade from the 16th Division that was present at Montmirail and attached to XIth Corps. 

I've tried to take a close up shot with my camera to give some idea of the detail on these figures as I'm quite impressed with the amount Baccus manage to get on them.

And finally a shot of all the figures painted so far.  I should have all the remaining infantry painted over the next couple of nights and basing completed over the weekend.


  1. Lots of detail well painted is what I say, well done.

    You would think you had been at it for quite awhile now