Tuesday, 8 October 2013

6mm WIP

I've managed to complete my first 6mm figures over the past few nights and have posted a couple of WIP shots below.  These figures represent three 60mmx60mm bases or a Russian Division of six regiments (all single battalions by 1814) including two regiments of Jager.  I've painted the Jager with green cuffs, I'm quite certain they didn't have coloured cuffs in reality but this adds a bit of colour so I'm going to stick with it.

These have taken about 10 hours to get to this stage and I think I can reduce that now that I'm getting used top painting this scale.  I'm going to need twenty six regiments (or thirteen bases) in total for the two Russian Infantry Corps commanded by Sacken at Montmirail.

I've moved onto some skirmishing figures which will go at the front of each base, I should have these done over the next few nights.  I can then start basing them over the weekend.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I did these quickly with my phone camera, appreciate any comments or suggestions:


  1. They're great wee beggars! I've just joined the 6mm fan club myself. Most enjoyable.

  2. Seems we base the same way (unit at the back skirmish at the front) but mine are single battalions per base. Drawback is I need hundreds of them!


  3. My only comment is that I have found I need to go several shades lighter with 6mm otherwise they just blur into a dark mass. The paintjob looks really nice, but you might want to go high contrast.