Friday, 25 October 2013

What varnish on 6mm figures?

I have made good progress over the past week and a bit and now have close to 6 bases (60mmx60mm) worth of figures painted and ready to be based.  I decided to press on with the skirmishers and complete enough for all thirteen bases (78 figures) as I found these quite tricky to paint compared to the marching infantry.  In fact the skirmishers and the command sprues seem to be slightly smaller than the normal infantry sprues.  This is not noticeable when they are ranked up but I found them a little trickier to paint.

Anyway I have now plucked up the courage to start basing my first 6mm units and one question I have is - how do others varnish their 6mm figures?  On 28mm I have always used Humbrol enamel gloss varnish followed by two coats of Daler Rowney Matt varnish.  I'm wondering if this is necessary on 6mm figures though as the way they are based means that they won't be handled as much as 28mm's.

Appreciate any comments you may have on this and on basing 6mm figures in general.

On the plus side I have now finished all the figures I bought in my batch and have ordered the rest of the infantry (plus additional command stands so that I can have two standards in each unit rather than one) artillery, casualties and officers.  I hope to pick these up at Fiasco on Sunday and have a look at the new French figures that Baccus have released.

Photo's of based figures coming up soon.


  1. I think when I did some 6mm ACW Union infantry I sprayed with Humbrol gloss acrylic before basing, then with Humbrol matt acrylic once the basing was done.

  2. I just spray with a matt varnish, the one I like most is Vallejo though Army Painter works as well.

    HMG is great, a real matt MATT but care has to be taken as the jet can clog up real quick

    You are right figures get less handling but you need to store them careful to keep them from rubbing.

    The new Baccus are very nice, half way through posts on the new cavalry and been painting some more infantry tonight