Sunday, 17 November 2013

First Infantry Corps Completed

Another slow week in terms of painting, but, I've still managed to get the 18th Division based and I'm half way through the second base of the next Division.  I always get a 'buzz' from completing a unit which helps me start the next one.  What I'm finding with 6mm is that the speed of painting units means that 'buzz' is happening far more frequently that it does with 28mm.

If all goes to plan I should have another Division finished next weekend which means I'll have 3/4 of the Russian infantry I need for Montmirail.

Within a few weeks I have managed to paint enough figures for the whole of a Russian infantry Corps.  I'm now starting to see the mass effect that these figures give and can't wait to get the next Corps completed.  I'm also finding that my painting is speeding up as I'm not as concerned about the look of individual figures as I was when I started. 


  1. These look great and I like your progress speed. 6mm is a different beast and learning this (as you have) is the secret to success


  2. Fantastic looking units Peter. You've really picked up painting at this size.

  3. Thanks for comments everyone, It's still early days but I think I've finally found my ideal scale.