Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another Division

I've managed to complete another Division and now only have four more bases to finish in order to complete the Russian infantry for Montmirail.

Although progress has slowed I'm still managing to maintain the motivation to paint.  I've now painted close on 500 figures in less than two months.  This is close to the total number of 28mm figures I've painted in the last fifteen years.

My target now is to complete the last four bases before the Recon show in Pudsey on 7th December.  I've placed my order with Baccus for another batch of figures to keep me going through until the York show in February (mostly artillery and cavalry) so want these completed.

New bases:

Bases completed so far:

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement.


  1. Great job, wish I could get to the show to see the game

  2. amazing painting & great detail too. the basing looks fantastic - really impressed with the massed effect.
    cheers Dan