Friday, 8 November 2013

Steady Progress

Despite heavy work commitments, I've made steady progress since my last post and have now based up two more brigades of infantry.  I have now completed the first of four infantry Divisons required for the two Corps under Sacken.  In between waiting for glue and ink to dry on these bases I have managed to finish the painting on enough figures to do three more bases over the weekend.  This will then give me enough bases for the whole of the XI Corps.  I still need to add a final layer of matt varnish to these so I'll do the flags once that is done, probably once I've got the whole of XI Corps based up.

I'm quite pleased at how quickly these units can grow, it's just a matter of finding a time efficient approach to basing and painting.

I'll get the other three brigades based over the weekend and then get some pictures posted of the whole Corps early next week.  At this rate I should have all of the Russian infantry for Montmirail completed by early December.

With three bases competed, I'm now starting to see the benefits of 6mm.  The figures are really starting to look good.  Once I have the whole Corps completed I'll set my camera up and get some decent photo's.


  1. Some sharp work there. It's the mass effect that makes 6mm stand out so well. Glad your finding your 6mm feet and good call on adding the flags after the varnish.

    I recommend painting the edge of the flags so no white bits show.


  2. Very nice like the little fellows.