Tuesday, 13 January 2015

First Points

I finally managed to submit my first photo's for the Analogue Challenge last week.  I've now got 54 points to my name and making good progress on my next submission.

I managed to complete the Russian heavy artillery batteries just before Christmas, it just took some time to get my camera from the back of the cupboard and take some reasonable photo's.  The result's are below:

I've based my Russian batteries up in units of three models each on 20mm x 30mm bases to give me some flexibility in how I use them in games.  I plan to use all three models (2 x 12pdr and 1 x 10lb howitzer) to represent a typical 12 gun heavy battery which consisted of 8 x 12pdrs and 4 x 10lb howitzers.  The Russians liked their artillery and I want them to look imposing during games.

I actually bought twice as many guns as I need for Montmirail as I misread the Nafziger orbats.  I painted them any way as I'll need them for the larger battles.

Close up shot below:

The next submission is due on Thursday and I should have 5 x 3 gun light batteries completed by then.  I textured the bases this morning at 5am before leaving for London, this means I can get on with painting them tomorrow when I get back.  I've also finished painting the horse batteries so will be trying to get these based up as well.

This will complete all the Russian artillery and infantry for Montmirail.  Next will be the cavalry (Dragoons, Hussars and Cossacks) after which I can start on the French infantry.

My plan is stick with 6mm until mid February and then switch to 28mm to make up the shortfall in points before the competition closes on the 20th March.  Although Ian over at The Blog With No Name is suggesting I stick with the little guys throughout.

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  1. Very impressive and extensive work, the perfect match: talent & discipline! Cheers! :)