Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Photos from Joy of Six 2014

Just completed the basing on the horse batteries so they're all ready to be photographed for my Thursday evening painting challenge submission.  I've really struggled with these, basing and painting 45 artillery pieces and crew has taken it's toll over the past few weeks.  Good news is that the dragoons are coming along, but, probably won't make it into the submission tomorrow as I've spent too much time getting the horses to a level I'm happy with.  I'll take and post some WIP shots tomorrow when I photograph the horse batteries.

I've also been sorting through some pictures and came across a number I took at the Baccus Joy of Six event back in July.  I took these as inspiration to keep going with the 6mm project and thought they're so good that they deserve to be shared.  I wholeheartedly recommend this show to everyone, it's friendly, well run and full of enthusiastic wargamers.  Roll on July 2015.

First up is Ian's ( The Blog With No Name ) Quatre Bras game - the pictures really don't do it justice (they were taken with my iPhone) and it was great to see the figure and terrain at the show.  Also enjoyed chatting to Ian - thanks for the kind words.

Second are a few pictures of the Battle of Kalisz 1706 game - once again a fantastic example of what can be achieved in 6mm.  To me this is the only scale for doing large battles now:

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  1. Beautiful examples, I will be drawing inspiration from the terrain boards for our club. The scenery for the Battle of Kalisz is gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Happy Gaming!