Saturday, 17 January 2015

Russian Light Batteries

I completed the Russian light batteries this week and managed to get them submitted to the challenge just before my deadline, this brings me up to 99 points:

Once again I've gone with three models per battery as these usually consisted of 12 guns (8 x 6pdr cannons and 4 howitzers).  Four batteries have 2 cannon and 1 howitzer and one has 3 cannons as I had them spare so painted them up anyway.

I'm pleased with the way these turned out.

Unfortunately, Storm Rachel meant that I didn't get home from London until late on Wednesday so didn't manage to complete the horse batteries.  These should be finished today/tomorrow ready for next week's submission.

Next up is the cavalry, I only need Dragoons, Hussars and Cossacks for Montmirail so will try and get these completed over the next week or so.  I haven't painted any 6mm horses yet, so I'm not sure how long it will take to get a result I'm happy with.

I will try and post more WIP shots going forwards as I've now worked out how to use the camera on my iPhone.

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  1. Excellent job, painting and basing are really impressive...waiting for Montmirail!