Monday, 16 February 2015

Russian Dragoons

I missed my posting deadlines for the challenge over the past couple of weeks so I really pushed to get a number of figures finished and photographed in time for submission last Thursday. 

After maxing out on artillery I thought it was time to move on to the cavalry.  Here we have 40 Napoleonic Russian Dragoons, these are all 6mm Baccus figures and represent the four Dragoon regiments that made up the 3rd Dragoon Division at Montmirail

The four Regiments are Smolensk (Yellow facings), Kurland (Turquoise), Tver (Ultramarine) and Kinburn (Yellow).  I was really nervous about painting these as I've never painted horses in this scale.  In the end I used the same paints I use for 28mm but went slightly lighter, I think they turned out alright.

The biggest pain was painting the standards as they're all cast on.  I tried lots of different designs and in the end the one that worked the best consisted of 4 carefully placed green spots in each corner followed by random splots of light gold paint.

I also managed to complete a couple of units of skeletons for my Oldhammer project, I'll post these up in the next day or so.

Next up for the Ruskies will be 90 Cossacks.


  1. A beautiful job Peter, impressive dragoons and fantastic basement...can't wait for the Cossacks!