Monday, 2 February 2015

WIP Pictures Dragoons and Skeleton Archers

Just a quick update tonight as I missed the posting deadline for the challenge last Thursday.  Work and family life meant I didn't get much painting done.  I've been busy over the past few nights and have the Russian Dragoons almost completed

These figures have the standards molded on so I need to paint these up, varnish the figures and get them based up.  I should manage this before my posting deadline this week.

I've also been working to find a way to paint whilst I'm away from home as this is slowing me down at the moment.  I planned to re-start a Warhammer 3rd edition or "Oldhammer" Undead project a few years ago but only managed to paint a couple of cavalry figures before I packed it all away for a second time.  Given that the skeletons are plastic and fairly straightforward to paint I decided to give this project another go.  The picture below shows the results

These are the original undead plastics which I've painted with the old citadel paints (from the eighties) and I'm quite pleased with the results. I'll get these based up over the next couple of nights and they should also be ready for submission on Thursday.  I'm confident that I can paint 10-12 infantry each week whilst I'm away from home so this should help to keep my points total ticking over whilst completing a project that I planned nearly thirty years ago.

I'll post a more detailed history and plan for the undead army over the weekend.

So the plan for February is to complete the Russian 6mm figures, start on the French infantry and paint up a skeleton infantry unit or two.


  1. Those Dragoons are looking good as are the skeletons, had some of these way back when.


  2. Love these impressive skelettons, great job!